Twisting fiber imparts strength to a yarn. It makes the fibers harder to pull apart lengthways and the yarn therefore harder to break. You can twist in either direction. If you hold a length of fiber one end and twist the far end to the left you get an S twist in your yarn. If you twist to the right instead you get a Z twist.

Most manufactured single plies are spun with a Z twist. To ply these Z-spun singles together they are spun with an S twist to give a balanced plied yarn.

The number of turns per unit of length in a yarn affects the appearance and durability of fabric made from that yarn. Yarns used for soft-surfaced fabrics have less twist than those used for smooth-surfaced fabrics. Yarns made into crepe fabrics have maximum twist.

We at Mittal Texo Fab have single ply twisted yarns ranging from 30-110 deniers with twist of 400-1000 TPM available in all colours, snarl-free.

  1. 30/1000
  2. 50/600
  3. 75/450
  4. 110 Monica Polyester
  5. 110 Monica Cationic