The very best in texturising, twisting and yarn dyeing technologies available in the market have been installed in both Mittal Texo Fab & Prachi Mittal Creations. All the machines have been bought from Aalidhra Texpro Engineers, a manufacturer of top quality texturised and twisting machines.

Weavers or knitters who produce high quality fabrics are aware of the high quality of yarns manufactured on Aalidhra machines and so first preference is given by these fabric producers to yarns produced on machines supplied by Aalidhra.

With a focus on sustainability, we have recently signed a deal to set up a 3.5 MW solar power plant, which be operational by end of 2021. This is our effort to supply sustainably produced polyester yarns, while also providing us a cost advantage in terms of cost of energy.

The solar power project will roughly account for 40% of our energy needs and to make up for the rest, we also have plans to set up a windmill project in the near future, which will ensure that more than 80% of our energy needs comes from renewable sources of energy.