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Manufacturing and exporting the very best and highest quality of Polyester or Nylon Yarns, whether Texturised Yarns, Air Texturised Yarns (ATY), Draw Texturised Yarns (DTY), Dyed Texturised Yarns, Twisted Yarns or Kota Yarns, has been the mission, vision and priority since inception, of Surat and India based Mittal Texo Fab Pvt Ltd and its sister company Prachi Mittal Creations Pvt Ltd.


Both companies manufacture and supply these yarns in various deniers beginning from 30 to 300 deniers suitable for both weaving and knitting. Together, Mittal Texo Fab and Prachi Mittal Creations have a combined production capacity of more than 10,000 metric tons per year. Both companies keep adequate stocks of most deniers of gray yarn, while the dyed yarns are made to order. Mittal Texo Fab offers around 1,000 shades in dyed yarn, but also develops new dyed yarn shades as per requirement of the buyer.In order to offer yarns of the very best quality, both companies source the highest quality of raw materials whether Partially Oriented Yarns (POY) of the best brand or Oil with transparent colour and no smell. Even packaging materials like paper tubes, plastics or cartons are of the best quality.


Apart from this, both companies conduct random and continuous quality control checks during the production process and so, each yarn cone is also manually checked before packing. All these efforts lead to Mittal Texo Fab and Prachi Mittal Creations supplying zero defect Texturised Yarns.


Our yarns can be woven effortlessly even on high speed Waterjet looms, an advantage provided by very few specialty texturised yarn producers. We are among the few Indian producers of texturised yarns, whose yarns are most suitable for the production of Organza fabric.


Normally weavers or knitters prefer a particular brand or type of yarn when weaving or knitting the fabric as per the type or model of machines they have. We offer our full assurance that weavers or knitters would be able to use our yarn irrespective of the type or model of machines that they have.


Weavers and knitters always prefer to be supplied the same lot of texturised yarn regularly. If the texturised yarn producer changes the supplier of POY, mainly due to economical reasons, then the lot of texturised yarn also changes. However, Mittal Texo Fab or Prachi Mittal Creations ensure that there is no change of yarn lot, which ultimately results in savings for knitters or weavers in terms of yarn wastage or disruption in production, nor will they face problem of Patta in fabrics. Both the companies have been supplying texturised yarns of the same lot since the past several years and will continue to do so in years to come.






Our product range


Airjet texturising is one of the most versatile methods to convert flat synthetic filament yarns to texturised yarns. ATY is a yarn with zillions of small loops, which give it a distinct feeling and fresh new look to ATY made fabrics. The appearance and the physical characteristics of air texturised yarns resemble that of spun yarns.


In this process, we wound the yarn around a plastic tube through which textile dyes passes through, resulting in dyeing of yarn, which is then winded on paper tube. Dyed yarns are made to order and Mittal Texo Fab offers around 1,000 shades in dyed yarn, but also develops new dyed yarn shades as per requirement of the buyer.


Draw texturised yarn are manufactured by using synthetic polymers popularly known as polyamides and are used to give silk like look to fabrics.  Kota Yarns produced by Mittal Texo Fab and Prachi Mittal Pvt Ltd have unique features like Fine Finish, Low Pilling Tendency and Uniform Thickness & we supply in vibrant & exciting colours.